Thayer Design Studio creates homes and products that reflect a commitment to understanding the way people live and how they want to feel in their spaces. We believe that an approachable,  well designed home creates the opportunity for a life well lived, one that provides us with what we need to feel balanced and engaged.

Our process is open and collaborative. By building connections with our clients, we provide an experience that creates genuine and authentic spaces they love to come home to.

Design is a process of learning, creating and editing. From home design to product design, this process is what leads us to a well executed space or piece. We firmly believe and are passionate about this process in all aspects of our work.



owner / designer

Meredith Thayer launched Thayer Design Studio in 2015 as a way to expand and challenge her creativity and connect on a more personal level with the design process. Her background and interest in art led her to a career in product design, with schooling in Interior Design. She has worked as the Creative Director at Colonial Mills for over 10 years, honing her skills and expertise in the process of design from conception to execution and everything in between.  She's worked developing product for leading brands, designing showrooms, styling photoshoots and working closely with top creative teams in the industry.  She led Colonial Mills in a rebranding with a complete product overhaul that challenged the notion of what we consider a braided rug. 

The relationship between people and home, material and process inspire her enthusiasm for design. Sharing this enthusiasm with other creatives and people in their homes is what she loves most. 

Her approach to interior design is similar to that of her studio practice, beginning with inspiration that is pulled together thru a series of images and sketches and further developed as we form an understanding of the relationships between space, function and material, then clarified thru a series of editing and refining.  She believes in approachable and livable interiors, where kids, pets and families comfortably co-exist.

Meredith continues to work creatively on various design projects. She lives near Boston, MA with her husband, 2 daughters, dog and chickens. They enjoy welcoming others into their home, sharing food and glasses of wine around the kitchen table.


We work on projects both large and small, residential and commercial and firmly believe in building trust thru open communication and collaboration with clients, trades and vendors.

Each project begins with  a 2 hour consultation. This time allows us to connect and begin to understand the needs of our clients. We review the space(s), discuss challenges, explore inspiration and provide suggestions. Some items covered here include floor and space planning, paint color selection, furniture styles, window treatment guidance, finish recommendations. After the 2 hour consultation, we leave you with an action plan that details each item reviewed. 

With this consultation, our clients are able to move into the next phases of a project and feel confident we have a solid foundation and action list to work off of.  The cost of the 2 hour consultation is $325.  (additional fees may apply depending on project location)

Additional phases of a project include:

-floor plans, style direction, furniture, rug, window treatment and accessory sourcing, finish sourcing and consulting, installation phase management, styling.