To clean, absorb any spills or spots immediately with a clean, dry cloth. Use a gentle soap and water to extract stains. Continue to absorb the stain and dampness with a cloth until removed. Timing is crucial when absorbing a stain. Get to it immediately before it has a chance to dry and set. If a vacuum is used on rugs, please be aware that use of a beater brush can pull threads and fibers and produce shedding. 



All Thayer Design Studio products are made of natural wool and wool blend yarns from Canada.  Natural wool is completely un-dyed and uses no harsh chemicals or treatment. The color of the wool is the natural color of the sheep from which it comes. Wool blend is a blended yarn of both polypropylene (for color) and natural wool that has a softness and slight heathered appeal.



All products are made of wool blend and natural wool yarns. The inherent nature of these textures, combined with the hand crafted process in production can create slight variations that make these unique and truly authentic products. Should a defect be noticed that is outside of what is considered part of the product, please contact within 7 days of receipt of the product(s). For more information on product and manufacturing, please review our Terms of Service.