Thayer Design studio spring '17 textured baskets


In  design, I believe there is a fine line between simple and complex. A good design, is one that achieves the balance between the two. 

In my product work, I strive to find that balance by designing pieces that are complex in process and creation, but don't compromise the simplicity of the final piece. Focusing on form and line and it's relationship to material and process, each piece represents a unique authenticity.

The design process typically  begins with inspiration I have found from art, nature or other forms of design and/or a concept I have thought about. I develop these ideas through a series of sketches, which leads to actual prototypes. Beginning with form and design and understanding how it will translate when created using traditional methods of construction is important in the development of a final piece.  

Thayer Design Studio line rug
Thayer Design Studio Interior Design project

In my interior work, I believe the same is true. Balancing the complex and simple makes for comfortable and relaxed living in a truly authentic environment. These elements, however, are different for all of us, and I believe an approach to achieving this balance is dependent on the interests and experiences of each individual or family. Combining these parts of my client's lives with a focus on design, we are able to achieve balanced environments that reflect their true aesthetic and personality.