Pairing Lighting

Lighting can be one of the most transformational things you pick for your home AND also the most frustrating. Scale, size, finish, hang height, light....all of these things matter. And when you live in an open floor plan, as many people do now...the challenge to find lighting that works well together is even greater. Add to it the style home you have (architectural detail and ceiling height)...and you're sure to drive yourself crazy trying to figure it out.

Recently, we've had a few clients who needed a bit of help with some home updates...and lighting was number 1 on their list. We needed to come up with a range of lighting options that felt like they coordinated without being exact matches of each other and were reasonably priced. Additionally, these are for EXISTING HOMES...not new builds. Which means, we had to take many other factors into account, such as cabinet style, flooring, furniture, structural details other home accessories...and of course, the client's style.

We don't need to break the bank on lighting, but I would recommend putting some thought into it, as nice lighting can truly enhance a space. Here are a few recommendations that we came up with for our clients. 



You heard it...fairly new home...builder grade lighting. She was ready to give it a little upgrade with some new pendants and chandelier. 

Here are a few combinations we recommended. . . simple and stylish, but still cohesive with what was already happening in the home.



Ok, this one is kind of crazy...and I kind of love it. The home was built in the 1980s as an 18th century reproduction. Yes, that's right...wrap your head around that for a minute. It's got a whole lot of wood detail and a whole lot of "it was the 80s and we're not sure why they did that." 

The spaces all run into each other and some of the details carry thru and some do not. The new owners are immediately making a few updates and top on the list next to paint is lighting. Unifying these spaces will be key in creating a better flow, more visually appealing space. Painting the woodwork and cabinets will certainly help pull the space together. And we want the lighting to add those nice, interesting accents that allow our eye to continue thru the space and not feel overwhelmed.

Take a look at the existing space...woah lights. woah wood. 

As you can...lots happening, which is why it's super important we get some options here that will elevate the style and unify the space.  We focused on some classic forms and clean lines, with a few pops of interest. Check them out:

left to right clockwise:   Darlana Medium Lantern ,  French Cuff Double Pendant ,  Katie Small Globe Sconce,   Bistro Small Round Chandelier ,  Vendome Single Sconce  (polished nickel),  Vendome Double Sconce  (antique silver),  Vendome Single Sconce  (antique silver), French Cuff Sconce. 

left to right clockwise: Darlana Medium Lantern, French Cuff Double Pendant, Katie Small Globe Sconce, Bistro Small Round Chandelier, Vendome Single Sconce (polished nickel), Vendome Double Sconce (antique silver), Vendome Single Sconce (antique silver), French Cuff Sconce.